In this present day world, full of conflict , hatred and violent, mankind is facing extinction of real possibilities in the face of global terrorism and nuclear catastrophies. Thankfully, our source of refugee, the precious teaching of our Lord Buddha, has not ceased to be our guidance and continuously providing us with blessing and comfort.

According to Buddhism, the body of Buddha is represented by the myriad form of its statue, his speech by the scriptures and his enlightened mind by the Stupa. The enlightened mind and intent of the Tathagata is none other than to benefit and liberate all being in this ocean of samsara. The building and erection of Stupa, therefore, has untold benefits and blessing both temporal and spiritual.

This meritorious project is a noble attempt to recreate the feats undertook by King Ashoka of India and Emperor Qian Shu of China. Both emperors has constructed 84,000 stupas throughout their Kingdom. In this present day, there is no King Ashoka nor we have anyone near his status or influences. Therefore, this time around, it is up to us individuals to make this happened. This project is a project of those who share the same aspiration for world peace and harmony. 84,000 sponsors is seeked to support the creation, and welcoming to their shrine, 84,000 stupa of 330mm height.

One large Stupa of 3.3 meters and having the same design has been builded in Ean Keng Temple in Singapore. Sponsorship currently left about four hundreds, do not miss out this opportunities to be a participant in this historical event.

Hundred of these large Stupa will be erected throughout the world. The first of these stupa has already been housed in Er Mei Shan, one of the four holy Buddhist mountains in China. Second Stupa was erected in Taiwan in year 2008. Third Stupa, as mentioned, is successully completed in Singapore in 2011 and the fourth Stupa shall be in East Malaysia soon.

In the near future, when karma permited, we would like to build one in Jerusalam as well !


Sarva Mangalam !



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