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Master Wang Li Ping 王力平 (18th generation Dragon Gate Taoist Sect 全真教龍門派 ) did not set up any organization , retreat are organised by his students in different countries on non-profit basis. 

Master Wang biography 大道行 was published as Opening the Dragon Gate and is one of the most read Taoist book in the west.

He is probably more famous outside of China than within and he teaches in Russia, US and Europe regularly.

Inner Alchemy procedures 内丹术 or 金丹大道 is non-religious by nature. No prayer , refuge or initiation is involved. But be prepared of plenty of guided meditation and long sitting session. It is not just Qi Gong but a thousands year tradition of structured spiritual training that lead to immortality. Taoist concept of Enlightenment (仙道) .

日期 Day:每逢星期天 Every Sunday
时间 Time:9.30 am

免费入席。共勉之 Free session

Contact: BC
HP. No: 9873 5518

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